How to Keep Your Parents Independent

For many people, the fact that their parents are aging is hard to deal with. We’re so used to them taking care of us that when the roles shift and we have to care for our parents it can be disorienting. 

Fortunately, there are more options than ever to help your parents stay independent for as long as possible. Here are some tips, from in-home elder care to other services that can make life easier as your parents age.


Why is It Important to Stay Independent?

Why does it matter so much for older parents to stay independent in the home as long as possible? A lot of it is simply because home is familiar. They already know where everything is. It’s set up to their liking. They feel safe and the property holds precious memories and belongings that they love.

As our parents age, we begin to worry that something might happen to them or that their memory might fail. The truth is that if they are at home with services like in-home elder care, the familiarity can be an important part of them staying safe, encouraged, and engaged in their lives.


Know What Help They Need

Stay connected with your parents and pay attention to what they struggle with. Over time, you can help (or arrange help) with the various services your parents need.

They may not be safe drivers after a certain point. While they may need to give up their cars, they can still call cabs or arrange rides with local care services. A company like Southern Caregivers can arrange for rides to appointments as well as escorting your parents to meals out, entertainment, and more.

If your parents need help with yard care, you can arrange for a yard service to mow the lawn, rake, or landscape. You may need to help them hire help to do handyman work around the home. You can have groceries delivered as well to remove that responsibility.

If they need it, arrange for in-home elder care, whether it’s occasional appointments or 24 hour home care. We’re happy to help if you have questions about these services.


Help Them Obtain Products That Make Life Easier

Do your parents need some help walking? A walker or cane can make all the difference. If you’re concerned about emergency situations, look into emergency alert systems. 

You can also help them install bars around their home and especially in the bathroom that will help them stay steady as they walk around and perform daily tasks. There are many products on the market today that can help your parents stay in their home and be independent as they age. 

If you have an in-home elder care service, you can ask them for suggestions about what products may help your parents with specific needs. Allowing them to stay in their home will mean the world to them and help them age more gracefully.


Choose a Great In-Home Elder Care Service

It can seem overwhelming to manage a variety of different service providers to help your parents stay independent. Fortunately, you can choose an in-home elder care service that covers a lot of the bases for you.

For instance, Southern Caregivers can help your parents with dozens of tasks, from bathing to errands to cleaning and much more. We provide mobility assistance, escort to events, pet care, and even play cards or games with your parents to help the be entertained. If it becomes necessary, we can also provide 24 hour home care.

Interested in what we can do to help with your aging parents? Contact us today for more information.