Finding The Best Senior Care For You And Your Family

Finding the best senior care doesn’t have to be stressful, follow these guidelines to achieve excellent senior care for yourself or loved ones.


Reviewing Reviews

The most valuable part of senior care review sites is the feedback from patients and families. These people have gone through the same experience you are now undertaking and reading about their experiences with communities will help you determine a) what you are looking for and b) whether that community provides what you need.  



Ensuring your insurance covers your care or that your loved one’s insurance covers their care is vital in choosing an in-home care provider.



Knowing what you need out of senior care (or what your loved ones need from senior care) is highly advised. A simple list should look like this:

Write down your/their typical daily routine, what activities you/they do and at what time

Things you/they may need help doing; housework, pet grooming, etc.

Decide how often you/they need help (What is the nature of your/your loved one’s needs? Are there any regular activities that make your/their life better and raise morale?)

Write likes/dislikes and preferences down (What type of person is preferred? What help is needed? What are some pet peeves the senior caregiver should know?)


Meeting Those Needs

Once you have found a list of agencies that offer the services you need – it’s time to interview them.

How long have they been in business?

What types of senior services do they provide?

How often are they available?

How do they match you with the appropriate senior caregiver?

How do they screen/vet their employees?

What is the cost of their services? What are the payment rules and options?

How does the agency resolve problems?

Do they provide written statements explaining all the costs and payment plan options associated with the in-home care services it offers?

How do they check the quality of the care services?

It may seem daunting, but with these tools, you are sure to find the perfect senior care for yourself or your loved ones in no time at all.

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